Privacy Policy

This applies to all users of HyperionTV.

  1. We do not share your information with outside parties, unless needed by law enforcement or an IP ban on our DNS provider (Cloudflare).
  2. We only correspond through the on-site DM system, if you see an email pretending to be an admin, it is most likely fake.
  3. We will never ask for your account credentials. Ever. We can only look up your email and username. Your password is masked and encrypted, so it is not visible to anyone. Never turn off 2FA. If someone asks you to turn it off to do something to your account, it is a scam.

Device Policies

This applies only to moderators with access to a G Suite account.

  1. We cannot access your personal information. Your G Suite account belongs to you, and we cannot acces it at all.
  2. Linking your G Suite account to a device running Android allows us to manage your device. We may install apps, disable apps, block certain websites (such as scams, etc), and remove your account from your device.
  3. Having a linked device only allows us to manage certain things on it. We cannot access your files, personal information, saved passwords, etc.