Welcome to HyperionTV!

These are the guidelines of HyperionTV, a streaming service run by a furry and her friends.

General Information

Contact us on our contact page here.

We're completely ad-free! This site is able to be run thanks to the generosity of our members. If you wish to support us, you can subscribe to our patreon here. Other methods of support may come later this year. (For Patreon supporters: Your pledge will not appear if you support below $5, and you will not receive benefits on Discord.)

General Policies

We do have policies, like most other services. Read them below.

1. Per COPPA guidelines, you must be at least 13 years of age or older to create an account on this site. If you are caught underage enforcement will be taken.

2. Don't participate in scams, pyramid schemes, or other malicious conduct.

3. Don't engage in dangerous or illegal activities, such as explicit conduct with those under 18 or engaging in bestiality. Please note that if we believe someone is in grave or immediate danger, relevant information will be collected and sent to that user's local law enforcement.

4. This site is for users of all ages. Do not post adult content, including borderline NSFW. Please note that any illegal content will be immediately reported to law enforcement.

5. Try to keep drama out of here, including the discussion of banned users. Sensitive topics may be removed at the discretion of our administration team if it is determined that it will severely affect one or more users.

6. Harassment is not tolerated, at all. Harassment directed towards protected groups and/or minorities may be met with severe consequences.

7. Alternative accounts for the sole purpose of evading punishments will not be allowed. Any and all of these accounts will be immediately terminated.

8. VPN usage is discouraged, but not banned. However, streaming via RTMP may not work properly while using one.

9. As the site's servers and base company are based in the United States, you might want to request permission from either your parents or guardian if you're a minor, in order to make an account w/ the site. If you're an adult then this isn't required.

10. Do not post content that glorifies self-harm or suicide in Direct-Messages or in Video/Stream form.

Video Content Policies

1. Don't blatantly steal someone else's work, like re-uploading a video from YouTube that isn't your own.

2. Adult content is not allowed on this site, including borderline NSFW.

3. Respect others' privacy. Don't post anything including other people in a private setting without their consent.

4. Although not a rule, please include content warnings for anything that may trigger epileptic seizures or other adverse responses, such as sudden or loud noises, out of respect for some of our users.

5. Please don’t re-upload the same videos over and over again. If your video is removed, it cannot be re-uploaded. Original content is important, try to do something new in every video to keep users engaged!


All original content on this site is protected under the DMCA. If you wish to request that a video be taken down for copyright, please make sure it meets any of the following.

1. The video is a direct re-upload of your content.

2. The video was uploaded without your consent.

3. Any modifications to the video aren't meant as criticism or review, remixing, education, research, or other fair uses outlined in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Breaking the rules can result in various consequences. A list of account actions we may take is provided below.

1. Warnings

2. Temporary Suspensions

3. Streaming Bans

4. Video Upload Bans

5. Permanent Suspension

6. Site Expulsion

Suspensions will last for, at minimum, one month. This may vary. Warnings will NOT negatively affect your account, but may be taken into consideration for any future actions that may occur.

(This page was last updated by Pupswoof117 on April 3, 2024)